Friday, January 1, 2016

So Your Boyfriend Thinks You Are a Toy

I'm a little person. I have porcelain doll-like skin (when I am not suffering from the adult acne mentioned in a previous post), I'm only 5' 1", and I weigh... nothing. Light as a feather, stiff as a board was based on me because I am only 100 pounds and I'm stiff due to scoliosis.

But none of this is the point of the blog. Due to my small, doll-like appearance, I have begun to suspect that my boyfriend is only interested in me because he thinks I am a toy. Here are my reasons for thinking this:
This is what his room looks like:



And more toys.

Now, I know this doesn't necessarily mean that my boyfriend thinks I'm a toy. He just likes toys. But let's look at this picture again:

A little blonde fairy boy with shirt hair and a green dress. 

A few months ago my boyfriend convinced me to cut off most of my hair and get a pixie cut.

And dye my hair blonde.

And then he got me a green cosplay dress.

And this is what I look like:

I'm just another Link doll!

He also went crazy when this was my Halloween costume last year:

And he likes getting me other toy accessories. You know what I am talking about; when Barbie comes with a teddy bear, or when a large teddy bear comes with a smaller teddy bear.

Unless I give my boyfriend a specific book or piece of jewelry to buy me, all he will buy me are stuffed animals.

More stuffed animals.

And more stuffed animals.

And then, instead of sending him selfies of myself, he enjoys selfies of the toys he buys me:

And I know I'm just another one of his toys.

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