Monday, January 18, 2016

LinkedIn Updates

Why does everyone think they are good at social networking just because they have a smartphone? I receive one email a day about my LinkedIn connections adding new skills, and one of the skills is almost always social networking.

Why No One on LinkedIn is Actually Good @SocialNetworking:

1. You have 80 connections and half of them are from strangers trying to get more connections or scam you into taking a temporary, part-time job doing “social media marketing” for their “start-up” company, i.e. spending your afternoons and evenings trying to scam others into trusting your new company.

2. You, like me, just graduated from college. Networking in general in the real world is not like networking in college. It’s not the same as your school constantly throwing networking events to help you “connect” with other professionals, i.e. harass the few alumni the school could bribe into attending this event (suspicious about how many times the name of a particular section in your campus library changes?)

3. If you were good at social networking, or any networking, you would have a better job, at least if you were good at social networking on LinkedIn. If you were good at social networking on Match or Tinder, you would have a better boyfriend. And if you were good at social networking on Instagram or Twitter, you would be Kendall Jenner. Are you Kendall Jenner? (Oh, wait, yes? Wow, Ms. Jenner, I’m so flattered that you read my blog! I love your hair, BTW.)

I say this as someone who probably has social networking listed as one of their skills on LinkedIn, but is too lazy to check. 

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