Friday, March 2, 2018

I Work a 12-Hour Day & Only Get KFC??

I know everyone says this and it isn't always true, but I am a light sleeper. The alarm on my phone wakes me up reliably. Except for this morning, of course, the morning I had a 7:30am meeting. It's like my junior year of college when the only time I was late to class was the last day of the semester. This morning, I was left with twenty minutes to get up, brush my teeth, use the facilities, run around grabbing scraps of clothes, feed the cats, locate the cats, etc.

Yes, I ended up working a 12-hour day. I don't know what happened, but for the last couple of weeks, I've felt very unmotivated at work. I just wanted to get home and hunt for cute house things I really can't afford on Pinterest. Anyone reading this may think that I'm too hard on myself, and as long as I work a full day, I deserve to go home on time and relax. But I'm not used to even wanting that. Today, though, something clicked. I didn't even flinch about not taking a lunch break (after missing breakfast as well - and I always eat a hearty breakfast of one microwaved waffle or pop-tart.) I was suddenly energized to keep typing on my keyboard! I was inspired.

Or it could've been related to me suddenly having a lot more responsibility since we moved SEO in-house, and who is now responsible for making sure our clients are found on page 1 of Google? Oh, yes, me! And who got scolded for 20 minutes yesterday by a client about his rankings for the past 4 years? Oh, yes, me too!

Sometimes I also assist with HR, which I love, but interviewing hasn't always worked out. I'm mentioning this now because I remember a woman I had interviewed for the Executive Assistant position. She had been laid off recently, but a whole weekend later than she should've. Her company let everyone know that if they were lucky enough not to be cut by that previous Friday, they were safe.

Well, their head of HR had horrible weeks full of letting go of most of the office, and everyone who wasn't called in his office was frequently darting their eyes toward the clock and calendar - waiting to see if they make it until the end of the day on Friday!

On Thursday night, driving home, their head of HR had a heart attack and crashed his car. Dead before anyone could help him. I was surprised the applicant told me this, and that when she told me that, it sounded like she was more upset about the remaining firings being put off until Monday, making her and many others feel safe when they weren't.

I don't think I'm that stressed out yet - plus, my eyes are too bad to drive, so that exact thing can't happen to me anyway - but I'm close. House hunting, house signing, etc., has kept me from my therapist for a few weeks. At first, I was fine. I never used to go to therapy. But then, when I started feeling itchy and anxious at work, I've started wanting to go into the office of my boss' wife and talk to her about what I'm worried about. She's nice, but I need to hesitate before treating my co-boss like a therapist. And treating work hours like therapy, even if I need therapy because of work!

So, this entire post is about how I just need to take my daily crazy pill (what I charmingly call my anti-depressants) and see my damn therapist.

Oh, right, the title of this post? I missed breakfast, worked through lunch, and my fiance is currently out, getting me a $5 bucket from KFC. At least it's coming from his wallet.

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