Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Sick Packer

What I Do On My Sick Day:

  1. Still insist on working a full 8-hour day, just at home
  2. Attempt to pack up my cluttered apartment and get dust all over me (which does not help the sneezing)
  3. Am so busy I forget to eat lunch
  4. Call companies and beg them to give me a quote for homeowner's insurance (seriously, beg, and they never call me back)
What Teddy Does:

  1. Gets eaten by shark
  2. Naps in shark on-and-off again for 8 hours
I Digress:

I have the only boss who can get mad at you for coming to work sick and for staying at home sick. When an employee calls in, he is immediately convinced that they are faking. We get two paid sick days every six months and if an employee uses both too closely together, they are either:

  1. Looking for a new job
  2. Secretly using it as a personal day
  3. Avoiding responsibility
  4. Or my selection, actually sick
I think it's especially likely that they're sick if they have to use both days in a row because how many illnesses actually are 24 hour illnesses? Wouldn't it be great if they all were?

So, now I'm sitting here after two and a half years, using my second sick day in a row. I went through the first two years hiding when I'm sick and going to work as a trouper, but I was obvious yesterday. And my boss kicked me out because I shouldn't be willing to get my co-workers sick.

As a boss, I'm sure he hears a lot of bull, but now I'm concerned because a) I called in sick today and b) I need to work tomorrow because I can't afford an unpaid sick day now that I have a house to pay for! Especially since I don't think he believes I'm sick, considering he just called me to look up something he could've looked up himself. I have seen him do this to other people, and he was testing to see if I sounded sick (which I have no idea if I do.)

Anyway, I'm well aware that since I am done putting in the 8 hours I didn't need to on a sick day, I should be packing. Or even reading one of my interior design books! No, I watch fixer upper shows that don't even apply to my new house and budget until I'm sick of them (when just yesterday I was riveted - that's how much I watched!) and I keep up with the Kardashians, which is something I didn't used to do, but I find myself very interested in the family, specifically Khloe. She makes me want to work-out, but I'm far too lazy for that. You know someone's inspiring when they make me want to want to change.

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